Stop screening 1000s of resumes.
Stop calling 100s of candidates

Reduce your bottomline outgoing on recruiters
by more than 50% Generate more business

Our recruiters work full time only for you on your requirements.
we use our own online jobs board seats and logins.

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Benefits of offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (oRPO) with Aleixo Technologies
You save between 50% to 75% of your total cost as compared to employing an onshore recruiter or administrator
Your recruiting capabilities increase tremendously without affecting your headcount
Quality of hire improves as your internal recruiting staff have more time to spend with quality contenders
Aleixo Technologies proficient Internet Researchers and eRecruiters make use of searching skills and staffing tools to find deserving candidates
Our services will benefit you
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With our service, you incur
  • No phone, computer, internet expenses.
  • No Payroll expenses
  • No infrastructure cost
  • No benefits like paid vacation, insurance, social security, 401K, pension etc
We do all the back end work so you can focus on your core business functions. We provide you:
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